Ahoy Teachers!
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Ahoy Teachers!

Ahoy Teachers!

Ahoy Teachers!

One of Bert’s goals during the Seaburban’s navigation is to also inspire a new generation of explorers, adventurers and scientists. We invite classes and students to follow on Bert’s journey and participate by tracking the Seaburban’s progress and reaching out to him with any questions.

If you, your students or teachers would like to be a part of this amazing adventure, drop the ShoreTeam an email and we can get you started with an outline and contact info. If possible, Bert would love to visit interested classes and give an in-person account on his return.

If you are already following as a class, let us know!! We’d love to know what you are discussing and please feel free to post any art!

[email protected].com

*art by Janner, Bert’s 7yr old nephew who follows Bert daily 

Follow my tracks in real-time:


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