All Business
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All Business

All Business

All Business

My new best friends cannot possibly overstay their welcome. I don’t know where all the smaller species have gone but these seem to definitely rule the skies around here.

When they are diving down into the troughs of the swell, the look all business. Wings cambered, heads down, exploratory glances left and right whatever it is they are looking for probably doesn’t stand a chance if anywhere in range.

They are comfortable around the boat making me think they are no strangers to different vessels. Our speed downwind seems to match their pace downwind. With the wind at 8-10 knots at 170 apparent, we are almost dead down wind matching their search patterns and rest periods. With conditions as they are, the only time they need to flap their wings is to take off.

I will miss them in the coming days when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Follow my tracks in real-time:


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  • Claude
    Posted at 20:39h, 29 March Reply

    In weather like today having a fellow partner would make the difference of the world.

    Heavy weather conditions are great only when you have enough energy to enjoy it. I wish you the time of your life.

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