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I have a dedicated and hard working support team back home. My sister Leah, my wife Nani, and meteorologist and tech expert John Bullas. I simply would not be here without them. In my opinion, they’ve got the harder jobs.

Besides those in direct support, there’s the Ocean Cruising Community ready to step in at anytime and quite literally anywhere.

Basically, I’m in very good hands.

Because Leah does all the social media and outreach, she’s the one you are most likely to run into. I thought I would give everyone some insight into Leah’s world.

I am sure that everyone has heard the expression that boats are nothing more than a hole in the water into which one throws money. This is the Christmas present Leah gave to me this year. Apparently, Leah thinks that boats aren’t worth making a hole in the water with! (**from Leah: not true, I just get really seasick-lol)

I laughed for an hour when I opened this up. I’ll save the stuff for when there are guests aboard. I’m not sure I could use the stuff myself just because I would be laughing hard enough to ruin my aim if you know what I mean.

Follow my tracks in real-time:


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