Big Blur
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Big Blur

Big Blur

Big Blur

All day long we glided into a blue expanse. Blue sky. Blue sea. Blue Boat. Blue sail. Blue world.

It is hard to describe how effortless our progress was today. The wind seemed,completely absent as we were moving at the same speed it had been blowing. It makes no sound and in response, the boat slips through the water silently leaving one to wonder if we are actually moving. Yet the miles pile up on the log.

I set the spinnaker first thing this morning and have not touched it since. Not once has it cried for attention and registered some form of protest. Even the SW swell seems to want to bother with us.

For me, staring endlessly and mindlessly at the blue expanse that envelopes me, I am at peace. My mind is at rest and I wonder if I should be thinking big thoughts in some Thoreau-esq Walden Pond way. Perhaps they will come. Perhaps not. The important thing is that I feel it doesn’t matter right now.

And that, as trivial as it may sound now, seems a big thought. I realize I am living in the moment and just how hard that actually is.

Follow my tracks in real-time:


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