Classic Mare’s Tails
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Classic Mare’s Tails

Classic Mare’s Tails

No mistaking these clouds! Classic mare’s tails. They are high elevation cirrus clouds raining ice crystals. The tails are the ice crystals trailing behind the cloud. They show the way to the low pressure systems to the south and east of us.

As pretty as they are, they do not bring good news. The low pressure systems are to be avoided if at all possible. At present, there is a bit of a contest to see who gets to 10N 130W first. Let’s hope it does not come don to that as every one knows it’s not wise to fool with Mother Nature…

Follow my tracks in real-time:


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  • Claude
    Posted at 20:39h, 29 March Reply

    In weather like today having a fellow partner would make the difference of the world.

    Heavy weather conditions are great only when you have enough energy to enjoy it. I wish you the time of your life.

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