Impossibly Blue
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Impossibly Blue

Impossibly Blue

Impossibly Blue

It is an impossible blue. An indescribable, unforgettable blue that captures the soul. Of all the ties that bind those that go to sea, I think this blue is the most enduring. I stare at it mile after mile and wonder how many others have peered over the side of their ships mesmerized as I am.

It is an impossible blue made possible in large part by the genius of Blonde Hassler. It was he who dreamt up the servo-pendulum steering oar. Without that piece of mechanical wizardry, ocean-passaging would be a Herculean effort beyond most mortals. Variations on Hassler’s original idea hang on the transom of sailboats the world over.

Watching the things work is a marvel and I never tire of it. With minimal maintenances, they will steer a boat ’round the world several times over. The Monitor once having belonged to Tony Gooch and now hanging on the wall at Scanmar is proof.

The day or two of drifting about the ocean seems eons ago as Seaburban has her head set for the south spurred on by that infinite blue and guided by Hassler’s sure hand.

Follow my tracks in real-time:


  • Claude
    Posted at 20:39h, 29 March Reply

    In weather like today having a fellow partner would make the difference of the world.

    Heavy weather conditions are great only when you have enough energy to enjoy it. I wish you the time of your life.

  • Tony Yanca
    Posted at 02:58h, 06 April Reply

    Hi Bert, I came across your voyage on looking for more positive and up-beat news in the world today. As we continue to try to isolate ourselves looking to conquer this extremely serious virus, you’re essentially isolated fighting the elements of Ocean Blue. I’m a surfer in Southern California and I’m always intrigued by extremely passionate individuals who take on these adventures, especially when it involves the ocean. I’m currently listening to some Reggae and enjoying a Pale Ale from our local brewery 🙂 Our Family is healthy and I’ll be working from home tomorrow, but will continue to follow your voyage rooting you on the whole way through. I wish you safe passage and pray that you will utilize all that you’ve learned to help you endure the many obstacles that come your way. You will make complete this voyage and I look forward to your future posts. Take care of yourself.


  • John T.Rice
    Posted at 04:06h, 06 April Reply

    Be safe..pulling for you!

  • Susan Conway Gray
    Posted at 05:56h, 06 April Reply

    What an incredible journey you have set up for yourself!
    I find your reflection on the coronavirus to be incredibly insightful.
    Self isolation as a time to reflect on what we want to become, what legacy we choose to leave behind.
    To many that level of self introspection will appear daunting and even impossible.
    To truly examine our minds, behaviors, and motivations while holding them into the light through the prism of our souls is an exercise most would not have the courage to do.
    But I hope some will take up that challenge.
    Good luck to you!

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