My World
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My World

My World

My World

This is my world. It is tiny, paltry disc some 12 miles in diameter crawling over the surface of the World’s great oceans. As far as the eye can see in the horizontal around here is just over 6 miles. Everything else disappears behind and under the horizon. Newton made it so when he formalized gravity.

It is the very nearly the same in all directions. There is nothing really to choose between North, South, East, or West. What is moving here seems to not care in what direction it is going. The birds, the swell, the clouds, and the wind all come and go from every direction with neither rhyme nor reason as guides.

It is a limitless place. I am free to travel to virtually any place on this planet and all that is asked of me is patience. If I can be patient, then the world can be mine. It is a small price to pay for such a ticket.

Who would not want to look out upon a limitless horizon and have the freedom to choose their own path no questions asked and reasons not required? Is a path not thusly chosen all the more rewarding and fulfilling?

This is my world.

I wish everyone were here.

Follow my tracks in real-time:


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  • Claude
    Posted at 20:39h, 29 March Reply

    In weather like today having a fellow partner would make the difference of the world.

    Heavy weather conditions are great only when you have enough energy to enjoy it. I wish you the time of your life.

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