New Years Eve 50S
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New Years Eve 50S

New Years Eve 50S

New Years Eve 50S

There is a greatness in all of us. It is deeply embedded in the human condition and something we all share.

I am not referring to great accomplishment or achievement. I am talking about something I believe to be far more important. The world is full of great business men and women, great scientists, and great athletes to name but a few. How many of those will walk past a homeless person and do nothing?

I am talking about our capacity for great kindness, compassion, empathy, love, and caring. They seem trivial, even trite, but they are what makes us uniquely me human. What other species will lay down its life for another? What other species will sacrifice its welfare and livelihood for another? What other species paints on cave walls?

These traits common to us all have been brought into stark focus on this trip. Imagine if you will, or can, that you are alone, isolated, thousands of miles from home with tens of thousands to go, battered day and night by the elements, and at the mercy of an unforgiving and uncaring sea. Imagine then how profound the effect of knowing that complete strangers are genuinely and sincerely concerned for your safety and well being? Complete strangers are reaching out with encouragement and support? Complete strangers are keen and ready to help if need be? What could be more humane?

I am deeply grateful and humbled by the concern and wishes of all of you. It is a debt that can only be paid forward. I can say thank you and that my life has been gladdened and deeply enriched by your comments, support, and encouragement.

To all the people sharing this adventure with me, Happy New Year. May this coming year see your dreams come true.

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