Red Skies Part 2
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Red Skies Part 2

Red Skies Part 2

Red Skies Part 2

Perhaps it doesn’t look that way, but this evening red skies are at least this sailor’s delight. For the first time in at least the past 5 nights I won’t be up at all hours managing sail, course, and speed changes as towering cumulus clouds parade nom-stop overhead.

No towering cumulus means no showers, no wind gusts into the 3O’s and no vacuous wind holes as they leave. It also means that the uncertainty in my position gets reduced to something like 2-3 miles or less as the relative calm during twilight when these clouds are usually present means better visibility and better horizons. All of the above is good but better sights is best. My track North skirts Starbuck and Kiritimati Island not to mention I can confidently point a finger at Penrhyn. Skirts by the way is the navigational equivalent of a bit too  close for comfort.

But wait there’s more! Clear skies means I can actually sleep for longer than 60 minutes between deck checks. Oh the indulgence! The lazing about and luxuriating! The joy of not being jarred awake by the alarm! All this is mine tonight and I can hardly wait.

For tonight at least:
  Red skies at night, Seaburban and crew rest right.

Follow my tracks in real-time:


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  • BT
    Posted at 10:41h, 02 July Reply

    Bert, you are amazing! Following you progress and posts with great admiration for you courage and wishing / willing you success. You are on the downhill run now. All the best from an Aussie follower BT ( 2 degrees of separation from your Uncle Joe).

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