A Rat
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A Rat

A Rat

A Rat

We chase the sun Northeast over a gray sea. A few days from now, northerly gales will stymy any efforts at gaining latitude.

My brother Jan, always in the present and mindful, reminded me this morning that the ocean cares nothing of accomplishment. His words were more succinct, directly to the point, and involved a rat’s hindquarters if you get my meaning. I think it was the pilot in him speaking. Whatever voice, he was and is absolutely correct.

My focus is on what I must do now and what is in my immediate future. The Capes are past. The gale ahead.  Winter approaches.

We pushed hard to clear South Cape ahead of severe gales chasing us astern. It was worth the effort as now we have options, limited though they might be. Had I not pushed, we would have none. How best to spend out hard-earned advantage is now the question.

I would wager that question in its many forms is one of the best you could ever ask. How best indeed to spend your hard-earned advantage? Out here, the answer is far simpler to figure than it would be at home. Here, there is only wind and wave and sail. At home, there is so much more.

I will miss the beautiful, exquisite simplicity of it all. But I long for the complexities I left behind so many months ago. We go Norheast as fast as I can make us go.

Follow my tracks in real-time: