All in a Day’s Work
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All in a Day’s Work

All in a Day’s Work

All in a Day’s Work

I needed a calm patch of weather to get Seaburban properly fit for sea duty. Albeit becalmed hasn’t been much fun, what with the sails barking at all hours of the night and the frustratingly daily runs, it is a necessary evil.

Here’s what was on becalmed to-do list:
– Tighten stuffing box
– Move anchor chain to chain stowage beneath the forward berth
– Best bower to anchor stowage
– Seal hawse pipe
– Finish tuning rig and pin turnbuckles
– Seal all through-deck electrical fittings with Denso tape
– Replace gooseneck pin
– Move stowed Galerider drogue to port cockpit locker
– Deflate and move fenders and dock lines to the forepeak

I was at it most of the day and it feels like we are truly at sea. To be honest, whenever the anchor gets stowed for the sea, it feels like I’m parading about town without any pants on (Not that I would truly know what that feels like). The anchor is truly your first line of defense when in soundings and with it stowed, I somehow feel vulnerable even though the nearest land is days away. But getting the weight out of the ends of the boat is critical to sailing performance, especially on designs with longish overhangs like Seaburban.

Speaking of overhangs and hawses, things on boats have funny names. Just look to the list above. There’s a gooseneck and a bower and a stuffing to go along with.

Nani and I have all but given up on nautical nomenclature. It just makes easier and, I have to admit, more fun. If we are forever stumbling over the name of something, we just make one up that suits. On Seaburban, fenders, for example, are called hot-dogs given 1) That they look like sausages and 2) I really like hot dogs.

Oh, the sacrilege of it all!

Follow my tracks in real-time: