Almost Perfect Day
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Almost Perfect Day

Almost Perfect Day


It has been an almost perfect day. I say almost for two reasons: a perfection is an absolutes do I’m holding out for better yet in the days to come; and we are slowed by light winds.

For once, however, he light winds help rather than hinder. Our relatively slow progress east ensures we are not in the path of low that will be developing and forecast to rapidly intensify east of us. A normal days run yesterday and today would have put us in an area of gales, 7 meter waves, and an opposing current of 1 knot or more.

I thought of none of the above today. I worked through Seaburban’s spaces and lockers. I watched the Albatrosses fly endless circuits ’round the boat and bob by, resting on the surface, casting furtive glances back at me as we passed within a few arms lengths. I got accurate fixes using sun-moon lines of position and in the evening Venus, Canopus, and Adair. In other words, this day I was anywhere but in the middle of the Indian Ocean below 40S.

I must have needed it. Perhaps the constant weather watch and eye, perhaps the lack of sleep, or perhaps fretting over the inevitable breakages and maintenance had taken their toll. A kind of glacial grinding down of ones energy and reserves. It’s happening, and the only person who should know it is doesn’t.

And so it seems the game begins anew. The cloud bank astern is the harbinger of the trough that will overtake us tomorrow evening. The forecast is for 25 knot NW’lies, 30 knot SW’lies when the trough passes, 6 meter significant waves, and 40 knot gusts. Experience tells me to expect more on all counts.

But today, whatever tomorrow brings, was worth it. Today was a “why day”: Today was why these places are worth seeking; Today was why these places must be kept;. and today was at least one reason, one why, I am here.

Follow my tracks in real-time: