Are We There Yet?
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Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet?
For the most part, the doldrums/ITCZ/Horse Latitudes treated us kindly. The calms were short-lived and the squalls not much more than showers.

The NE trades just kept blowing and blowing refusing to loosen their grip on Seaburban. The question I kept asking myself was the one every parent on any road trip knows is coming. Are we there yet?

This morning we, or more correctly, they arrived. We’ve been close-hauled since on port tack since and it looks to be port tack until mid-December at least. That realization hit a nerve as I recalled how hard Nani and I had worked taking Seaburban to Alaska and back against the wind pretty much the whole time.

If, as they say, gentleman don’t go to windward, then what does that make me and every other circumnavigator? A rogue? Perhaps a scoundrel or ne’er do well? All the above? If that’s the case, then I will consider myself in very good company indeed for I am trailblazing. Nothing of the sort at all.

Worrying about the coming beat to windward, Salty must have noticed the steam coming out of my ears. He flicked his head towards the companionway in that universal way that means beat it. Outside, in the breeze and sun, I return to my senses and know that it is simply one day at a time. As it is for everyone everywhere.

I stuck my head down the companionway and hollered my thanks to Salty. Once again, he pretended to sleep.

Follow my tracks in real-time: