Bert’s Loving Wife Nani Writes
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Bert’s Loving Wife Nani Writes

Bert’s Loving Wife Nani Writes


Bert’s Loving Wife Nani writes:

In honour of my husband, Bert, navigating the First Cape, Cabo de Hornos, our Gabriola community gathered to celebrate his success, here, in our island home.

It was completely heart-lifting and heart-warming each time someone came in the door. Mahalo so very much to each and every one of you for your part in this beautiful evening.

I had scheduled a satellite call from Bert. He was able to speak to us despite the high winds at his end, and it was absolutely delightful to hear each other’s voices.

In a house full of good souls, it was a perfect opportunity for us to connect and show our support as we follow Bert across the vast seas.

Aloha to my dear Husband,
Makani ‘Olu a Halo Mālie – fair winds & flowing seas.

Aloha to our Gabriola family, please come again soon! E Komo Mai! Let’s do this again for Bert’s 2nd Cape!

Aloha to Bert’s followers across the continents … are you thinking of a Cape Celebration in your community?! Aye-Aye !!

A toast, to a man’s great journey and communities of great support.

Nani Belle

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