Break on Through
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Break on Through

Break on Through

Break on Through

ShoreTeam Update:
Bert just checked in after a long day at the helm battling 8-9m waves and gusting 90km winds- it’s been a nerve wracking 24 hrs.
“All good. We are through the worst of it. Heading due East. Hand steered for the last 7 hours straight to get through. Waves 30+ feet, standing backwards in the cockpit up to my waist in water. Waves crashing right over the boat”

Bert asked me to post an update as he is far too exhausted and hungry and will catch up with his blog tomorrow.

We at home are so relieved and continue to be astounded by Bert’s sheer determination, persistence, and resilience.

Thanks for following,

Seaburban ShoreTeam
(Pic = Ventusky App)

Follow Bert’s tracks in real-time: