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Crossing the Equator on any vessel, power or sail, is usually cause for great celebration. Actually, anything you can dream up is usually cause for celebration abroad a boat that is traveling around the world at a pace just a tad faster than you can walk.

Without rum aboard, the crew had to settle for highland Scotch Whiskey compliments of
Glen Wakefield. Glen is an extraordinary man and a terrific sailor. Learning that I was setting out on a solo circumnavigation, he gave me the Scotch. It’s precious stuff to me and it meant the world to have his best wishes.

So Neptune was toasted and thanked for the fair winds and kindly seas he has most assuredly blessed us with. We humbly asked for his continued kindness and that he and his minions might grant us safe passage.

Salty, for his part, looked bored with all the pomp and circumstance and decide that his double ration of grog was long overdue. When I glanced over my shoulder to see how he was behaving with guests aboard, he was facedown on the chart table.

I’ll save some of that Scotch for when I return. I think that Jan, Dad, and Glen would be happy to share the last of it with me.

Follow my tracks in real-time: