Christmas Mornimg, 40 10S 106 35W
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Christmas Mornimg, 40 10S 106 35W

Christmas Mornimg, 40 10S 106 35W

Christmas Mornimg, 40 10S 106 35W

My introduction to the Roaring Forties was none too kind. With winds gusting to 36 knots and the Solent rolled up to a scrap, we could no longer make any progress on our course against wind and wave.

With the the pressure still dropping and the front not yet passed over us, I opted to heave to under the triple reefed main at 0230. We slowly fore-reached South West waiting for the change in wind.

At 0515 we could make an easterly course so off went. With Seaburban settled on her new course and me satisfied, I thought it safe to get a picture of the morning sky.

Now, the rule aboard is that anything that goes outside can go over the side. This pertains particularly to me. I was loathe to take the iPad outside but, Christmas Morning at 40S? I couldn’t resist.

I grabbed this picture and then thought, how about a selfie of me in my bad-ass foul weather gear? A sailor’s sailor by gar!

My vanity was instantly rewarded by a breaking crest that slammed Seaburban’s starboard quarter and washed over me, the iPad and down the open companionway hatch. Which, by the way, is the second most important rule: What’s outside stays outside, especially seawater. The observance of Rule 2 precludes leaving the largest hole in the boat wide open when it is blowing 30+ knots.

Merry Christmas to one and all. May the love of family and friends fill your hearts. May you know In your soul that you are loved and cared for. May you know that the things you do and are passionate about matter and make a difference, be it small or large, in the lives of others and the world at large. Lastly, may you know the greatness of the human spirit, that which is our shared condition, fill every waking moment of this day.

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