Company of Dozens
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Company of Dozens

Company of Dozens


Yesterday found is in the constant company of dozens of birds and squalls. The birds are far more enjoyable companions.

The squalls that came through brought winds in the 35-38 knot range and rain. The wind is not so bad, but They heap the swell up considerably and wreak havoc with the existing sea state. The one in the photo thankfully missed us.

This morning the birds are around in greater numbers. There must be some current or confluence of currents that has made available whatever it is they fish for more abundant. It is a marvel to watch them scour the sea for their dinner. Peer as I might into our wake, I only see bubbles. For them,I suppose, it would be like you and I staring into the kitchen of our favourite restaurant.

Pushed north by yesterday’s strong winds and large swell, we fight to get some of it back in dying winds and a nasty, lumpy, leftover sea.

Follow my tracks in real-time: