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Ive been asked about preparing Seaburban for the 5Capes and my answer is always the same. The boat is never quite ready and in no way did I prepare the boat. We prepared Seaburban. We being my incredible, loving, spirited and game for anything wife Nani. In fact, we’ve been preparing Seaburban for all kinds of adventures, not just the 5Capes.

Nani has sanded, painted, sewn, climbed, provisioned, picked up, delivered, cleaned, scrubbed, labeled, fixed, repaired, documented, and just about any other ‘ed you can think of.

For me, looking after Seaburban has been a labour of love. Nani has fallen right in step and although I can’t speak for her, she never once has said anything other than “What can I do?”

To say that I might be one of the lucky ones would be understating matters in the extreme.

The 5Capes is far more than just me sailing Seaburban around the world. I, as we used to say in the Army, am just the sharp end of the stick. The focus might be on me and Seabuban. But without the love, support, and help from Nani I would never been able to get off the dock let alone sail over the horizon.

And It’s not just Nani, the rest of the shoreteam play an essential and necessary part. I have the simple job: They are doing all the hard things; all the research; and the 24/7 support that is required to keep the wheels on the cart.

Aloha Nani. I love you. A thousand years would not be enough.

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