Dearest Agnes
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Dearest Agnes

Dearest Agnes

Dearest Agnes,

I will miss your emails. They were filled with such joy. They could only have been written with that same joy overflowing your heart. Know that they filled mine and then some.

Soon my voyage will end. As it must. As all voyages must. Even and including the grandest of them all. But what is a voyage without a beginning and an end? And are they not the same for what is an end if not a new beginning?

We were looking forward to seeing you, my father, sister, and me. A road trip and new journey to revisit and renew. It will have to wait.

I will see you again. But not yet. Not quite yet.

With love,


While I was worried about which way the wind was blowing, I was reminded that my petty concerns are very much different than those of others who have real challenges and obstacles to overcome. Usually these reminders are not subtle.

Last night, my sister Leah was saddened to tell me that Agnes Meraw was in hospice care at home with her daughter Trudi. She has known me for 61 years and has been a friend our family for longer. She has been following my adventure and emailing me faithfully for months.  Agnes is 100 years old and came to Canada as a young bride from Holland after WWII.  She has always been beyond brave and always so very kind.

This is the email I wanted to send to her. She would not have received it directly. If you would say a prayer for me, save it. Say one for Agnes instead.

Follow my tracks in real-time: