East at Least
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East at Least

East at Least

At least we limp East. Last night it took 4 hours to settle Seaburban on port tack. This morning, with the wind going Northwest and turning to catspaws, only two and a half. But they were in the rain.

As long as we are moving, we stand a chance of clearing the ridge that build and extends NW from the retreating high. It is surreal to have everything happening in slow motion, under a diffuse sun, in the fog and drizzle. Perhaps it is meant to be a lesson in patience. Or maybe humility in the face of such permanence as the North Pacific High. I do know I wasn’t in the mood to be taught this morning standing outside, dripping wet, sails slatting watching the knotmeter inexorably, excruciatingly wend its way to zeroes.

What is an extra day here or there? Another few hours this way or that from a longed for landfall? These are good questions and I find myself without good answers. Maybe that’s what  bothers me most of all.

Follow my tracks in real-time: