Enough Already
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Enough Already

Enough Already

Enough Already

Bert this, Bert that, Seaburban here, Seaburban there. Enough already! So as Monty Python would have said “And now, for something completely different…”

I have mentioned my Father and my brother, both Jan’s as is Dutch custom, and my sister Leah quite often. I have not written much about my oldest sister Stella.

She would probably prefer it that way. She would tell you that she is the quiet one, the one firmly rooted to the earth, the one most at home at home. All of this is quite literally true as you are as likely to find her tending her orchard in the company of her Kuni pigs as you are to find her in front of the oven baking. All of the above may be true, but I assure you it is not all there is.

I would tell you that Stella was swimming in the deep end of the ter Hart Vitalli gene pool. She is beautiful, smart beyond words, incredibly talented, and works as hard as anyone I have ever known.

You might do well to think I am stretching the truth. Think on this: She is an internationally known musician, an award winning composer of classical and choir music, and a much sought after adjudicator. Her orchard is 150 heritage apple trees, the farm is totally organic, and the bed and breakfast she runs on the property is booked solid months in advance. If that weren’t enough, she is an extremely successful businesswoman whose companies employ dozens of people with operations in North America and Europe.

As important as all that is, the best of her is a devoted and loving mother dedicated to her family.

Oh, one more thing. Today is her birthday. Happy Birthday Stella. There’s not a lot of cake aboard and even fewer candles so I improvised.

All my love, your brother Bert

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