Ever So Carefully
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Ever So Carefully

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Ever So Carefully

Ever So Carefully

With barely enough breeze for steerage, we make our way ever so carefully south. Not east or south east or even south by east. South. Period.

But it is painfully slow going. If fact, we shouldn’t be going at all. We should be at a standstill with me cursing aloud and shaking my fist at the blue emptiness that surrounds us. But moving we are and I am glad no matter the snails pace.

Today and tomorrow will see the last of the Trough of Doom and Despair. Brisk easterly winds backing into the north will fill the void and at long last the door to the westerlies will have cracked open. Today and tomorrow will see the last of this sail as well. The conditions just a little farther south preclude anything but a handkerchief for a sail.

Before the fun games down south begin in earnest, I am taking the opportunity to turn Seaburban into a submarine. Anyplace that I think water can get in I am trying to seal. If that sounds a bit dramatic, tonight before you go to bed, peel back the covers and dump a half litre of water on the bedding. Now dive in. Have a friend surprise you in the morning by soaking a random article of clothing that you were planning on wearing just for laughs.

But for now it’s all sunshine and calm. I am enjoying it despite my concerns about out schedule and resources. It might be quite some time before we have weather like this again.

Follow my tracks in real-time: