Fair Fight
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Fair Fight

Fair Fight

Fair Fight

This isn’t exactly what you want to see first thing in the morning. Many-headed monsters and dragons vs Sir Salty and company would not seem a fair fight at first blush.

I however, was glad of it. You see there is only one of these tentacled menaces bearing down on us. These past few days it has been many. One vs many are poor odds even for Hollywood heroes. At the very least, one vs one meant the odds weren’t stacked against us.

And so it was during the day. The creature from Cumulus Land passed over us without so much as spilling a drop. His fellow n’er do wells stayed miles away leaving us to fend with nothing more than wind and wave. We had plenty of both.

At some 150 miles due south of Hawaii, we are just beyond visual range of the mountaintops. Contrails throwing shadows on cirrus overhead foretold of civilization and tonight I expect we’ll see the loom of lights on the cloud bases. I am shocked at how suddenly I seem to have arrived back in the ‘world’.

I wonder how I will feel slipping through the midst of the Hawaiian Islands. They may as well be the moon for all the access I have to them, but they are familiar. I have been here before. The explorers and adventurers whose wakes I have been following have all been here before. Cook famously rests here. Other than outlines, they would no longer be familiar to any of them. But they are familiar to me which both confuses and reassures. Thus my wondering.

My navigation will need to improve so close to land and danger. Leeway caused by the incessant hammering of the waves, headwinds, and an unknown but persistent current has rendered my dead reckoning mostly dead and not much reckoning. Star shots last night and this morning were impossible even with the boat slowed to a crawl as salt spray coated the sextant mirrors and lenses before I could get the necessary sights. At local noon today, I wave washed over us and for the first time on this trip, the sextant got soaked. It took a careful hour and more freshwater than I have used to wash myself these past 8 months to rinse and clean it. Perhaps tonight I’ll get lucky with cloud and conditions.

After tonight, I will be in familiar territory. It will mark the end of a long trek through a vast, captivating, and beautiful wilderness. I wonder how I will feel.

Follow my tracks in real-time: