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From the little I’ve seen, I can well imagine how this place would want to make you stay. It is beautiful in a way I can relate too. Broad, sweeping landscapes and endless skies. The weather comes at you full force and varies greatly. And like small communities the world over, there is no place to hide.

The deciding vote, however, goes to the people who call Stanley home. They could not be more welcoming, accommodating, friendly, or competent. The reprovisioning food drop pictures here is an example.

Jenny Smith, a Customs and Immigration Officer here, had graciously reached out to my sister with an open offer to assist in any form. Judging my situation correctly, there was a team already in place in case things went from circus to rodeo to worse.

With the prospects of an untimely end on the beach in front of the local cemetery in the rear view mirror, I asked Jenny is she could help with reprovisioning. Of course was the immediate reply: All she would need is a list.

I shop like I sing which is to say badly and never in tune. I put together a list and gave Jenny free reign to fill in the blanks. Knowing that I would be here for days, I figured to hear back in 2 or 3. Days that is. Two or three days. A little more than 2 hours later, I got an email asking if I would be OK with a 3:30 delivery.

The photo here shows only part of what was delivered. The diesel is outside in the cockpit contained in jerry cans. What was provided was far beyond my original list, far more complete, and a good deal more nutritious. Not only that, but a gift as well.

What can you say about something done out of the goodness of a whole community’s heart? How can you possibly describe the goodwill and genuine concern of so many caring people directed at a total stranger? Someone they can only point to from afar? Words fail me and simple thankyou’s seem entirely inadequate.

Back home, this would have taken 4 days plus another 4 to get it right.

I love the people that you run into places like Stanley. Like False Pass or Meyers Chuck. You could not survive, let alone thrive, in these places if you weren’t good at many things. Most importantly, you wouldn’t last long if your weren’t good for your word.

To Jenny Smith and the crew of VTC Speedwell, what can I say but thank you.

Follow my tracks in real-time: