Missed Me
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Missed Me

Missed Me

Missed Me

As Maxwell would have said, “Missed me by that much!”

The sky Northwest to North Northeast is stuffed with these clouds and larger still. Our luck is sure to run out sometime tonight as one of these squally monsters is going to cross our track north.

We’ve run out of wind. Again. Becalmed. Again. This time, however, there’s a permanence about it that we’ve not yet seen. The wind is not forecast to return for another 4 days.

Ask yourself if you would like to be stuck in traffic for 4 days.

Personally, 4 days seems a bit much so rather than wait on a fickle forecast of zephyrs and catspaws we’re motoring NxE hunting for bigger game. The Southeast trades. They’re out here somewhere.

In the meantime, we play cat and mouse with the showers and thundershowers that are all around. On the bright side, no sextant work at twilight. Which means no labouring over tables and plotting sheets. Which means more sleep. And I need more sleep. The last few nights have seen nearly constant sail and course changes caused by our ongoing duel with the clouds and the wind and rain they bring. Tonight, however, I just might be able to give the alarm clock the night off.

Follow my tracks in real-time: