Not Again
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Not Again

Not Again

Not Again

Not again. Not here. Not now…

Yet again we are becalmed and roll mercilessly in the swell. Heading north to avoid the 40+ knot winds and 6-8 meter seas of an intense low that strengthens as it moves eastward, we are stymied by a large, persistent patch of agonizing windlessification. There is no such word as windlessification of course but my frustration has reached new levels and I felt this particular calm was worthy some new nomenclature.

Blithely recording atmospheric pressure in the log, I didn’t stop to think what it all meant. About 7pm last night the trace on the barometer was just about screaming stop. Clearly we were sailing into some high pressure and that invariably spells calms. I recalled the forecast calling for light and variable winds, but not before Wednesday.

I may as well have been asleep at the switch. The forecast had changed ( the nerve! ) and I had not picked up in it. The calm would arrive a day earlier and hang around a full day more.

Our plans to get north lie in the dustbin, commiserating with the rest of my bad and/or poorly executing ideas.

That out of the way, the question is which way is best? Given that I can’t go anywhere, the question seems a bit academic and I’ve put it away until after breakfast.

Maybe I’ll try reading the leaves in my tea…

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