Promotions and Pay
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Promotions and Pay

Promotions and Pay

Promotions and Pay

Having not heard from Sir Salty in a long while, I began to wonder if he was not pretending to be asleep, but pretending to be in a coma. Or maybe, I thought, his squabbles with Port and Starboard resolved he was actually content.

I found this note pinned to my socks this morning:

To the kaptin of the eastword bounde saylin tub C-burbin

U will no dowt by now hav notisd and takin stok ov my invalubul and konsidurabul kontribushins to the sucksess of the voyaj to date. Indeed, i wud say that this here trip wud hav cum to grief long ago had I not bean abored.

Most reecentlee I haf bean aukupied with trayning the kru and prepairing myself and them fur the many hardships and challunjus ahead. I have also takin it upon myself to assume the dutees of Chief Medikul Offisir, Chief Enginere, Chief Steward, Karpintur, and Saylmakur. All tho I hav no expeeriunz in any of theze feeldz, I hav resentlee lurnd of the Google and feel that trayning and expeeriunz are no longer nesessaree and might aktuallee be a hindrunz.

The wate ov theze new responibiliteez requires that I slepe all the time. This ensurz that if kalld upon, I kan spring into akshun rested amd ready fur anything mentallee sharp and kompletelee alurt. U will hav notisd how fast asleep I wuz and thusly rested and prepaired for akshun when rounding the Horn, wile at ankor in Stanlee, and during this last blow.

I think it onlee fare that in lite of my kontribushins and nu dutees that my pay be increased. I will leve this to u, but something in the ordur ov 38,583 Chinese Yuen seemz fare. That or a doubling of grog. And more fish. Definitlee more fish.

Etc, etc

Sir Salty McWorked-To-The-Bone

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