Red Skies
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Red Skies

Red Skies

Red Skies

Don’t tell me! I got this!

Red skies and cloud, sailors stand proud! 
  No wait. That’s dumb …

Red skies and seas, sailors be pleased! 
  Nope. Gimme a mInute …

Red skies be damned, sailors command!
  That just seems wrong. I thought I knew this one! Wait! Got it …

Red skies overhead, sailors stay in bed!
  Hm. Close? Getting close, right? Man, this is hard! How about ….

Red skies surround, sailors reef down!
  Dang! No cigar. I should know this! OK. Still thinking …

Red skies near, sailors needn’t fear!
  Seems wrong too. Sky looks pretty mean to me. Yes!  Finally …

Red skies, sailors tried!
  Catchy. But still wrong …

I’ll get it yet. Just gotta think on it some more. All this low, ominous looking cloud in the East and more streaming in from the West has to mean something, right? I figure a warning of one kind or another, right?

Better get on deck and check.

Follow my tracks in real-time: