Sir Salty McWorked-To-The-Bone Promoted
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Sir Salty McWorked-To-The-Bone Promoted

Sir Salty McWorked-To-The-Bone Promoted

Sir Salty McWorked-To-The-Bone Promoted

It has been some time since Sir Salty Mcworked-To-The-Bone’s request for a promotion. I had not forgotten, and Sir Salty has not raised the matter again. However, it was a legitimate request, made in good faith from a crew member in good standing and therefore deserved of a well considered response.

I felt I could not do so until coming to grips with the request for Chinese Yuen. I found it more than curious and the only explanation I could conjure was that Sir Salty had somehow run afoul of a Triad and owed a large gambling or protection debt to same. That, or in grog-fueled haze he had gotten into a scrap, as sailors are wont to do, and busted up some Shanghai bar or other place of ill repute.

It matters as we are in the Indian Ocean and on their turf so to speak. This is a place of pirates and kidnapping and strange disappearances and if all hands were to be ordered to fend for the ship and their lives, I would like to be prepared.

Lastly, it struck me that Sir Salty McSly knew the whereabouts of 38,583 Yuen on board. How else such an odd sum? My response to his request would wait until I could find the time to search the ship.

Between gales and calms I did indeed scour the ship for the dough. All I turned up were some rather alien looking potatoes. The ship’s strongbox contained only a few American dollars . They would have to do.

I pinned this note to his flipper last night:
To Sir Salty McWorked-To-The-Bone

Your initiative and enterprise are to be commended. Indeed, every time the weather or circumstance turns against the ship and her crew, I notice you remain fast asleep and, it would seem, intending to stay that way regardless of the perils that may overwhelm us all. Clearly you are well and truly committed to your training and preparations. I can only hope the good Lord preserves us from the tempest that would ultimately have you spring into action, mentally sharp and prepared to do whatever it takes to save us all.

Considering the fine example you are setting for the rest of the crew, and for your willingness to take on the duties and responsibilities as Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief Steward, Carpenter, and Sailmaker as per your letter to me, I hereby grant you a doubling of grog on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and a doubling of fish fins on Fridays.

Before I consider this matter closed, however, I must ask if you have reason to be believe, or know of any circumstance that would have us and this ship placed at the mercy of a mob of criminals bent on righting some perceived wrong. This cannot be taken lightly and I will not stand for one jeopardizing all.

Lastly, an exhaustive search of the ship and her coffers has produced not a single Yuen. There are some American dollars and I am prepared to pay you outright the sum of 5.25 American. I trust this will be satisfactory.

Etc, etc…

Bert ter Hart, Captain S/V Seaburban

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