Spit and Bubblegum
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Spit and Bubblegum

Spit and Bubblegum

Spit and Bubblegum

You know you are in trouble when the first words in the manual are “Remove vane from stern of boat …”

The aft actuator shaft bushing on the Monitor looked to have succumbed after only 13000 miles or so. It was supposed to go 15000 but, hey, who’s to quibble over a couple of thousand. I was just glad it picks today and not Thursday to call it quits. At least today there was a glimmer of hope of getting something done about it.

Replacing the bushing means removing the upper gear assembly. No big deal save for the 80 delrin roller bearings that only want, as all bearings do, to splay themselves over as wide an area as is possible.

With Seaburban hove to and plunging in the swell, I set about the job harnessed in, hanging completely over the stern alternately half under water and half above. It didn’t seem possible.

Fishing around the aft end of the shaft wondering aloud how I was ever going to land then dimples for the set screws, I discovered what remained of the original bushing. The entire thing hadn’t been cheered to bits, only the flimsy flange was gone. The rest was serviceable. I couldn’t believe my luck and thought immediately of Randall Reeves solution to this same problem.

I took the new bushing and reversed it so I was pushing against the flange and used it to seat the old by simply guiding it over the shaft. To retain the two, I put some Gorrila tape over the frame that houses the shaft. I could make a proper job of it later with calmer conditions. For now, however, it’s almost as good as new.

What with the crazy glue, duct tape, and rubber bands, Seaburban is looking more and more like a floating garage sale. If I only had some gum on board I would be able to work some real miracles.

Follow my tracks in real-time: