Storm Chaser
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Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser.

All day long Seaburban has been sailing under modest showers. Mostly sprinkles actually and certainly not enough to do anything about the odours emanating from a certain someone on board. It’s a poor soldier who can’t stand the smell of his trench mates socks, so I’m not naming names.

A line of more vigorous showers and thundershowers has been retreating south as we advance. At 6pm local or so, they decided to make a stand and this is what loomed up on the horizon.

Ahead from horizon to horizon was a wall of towering cumu,us and cumulus nimbus. What to do? What to do? I kept asking myself. I was loathe to give up a good days run of 150 or more miles but, as some of you may have read already, any fool can put up a sail.

As I write this now, we are sailing beneath a canopy of stars that Luke Skywalker himself would marvel at. The clouds, they are still lurking ahead of us. And despite the reduced sail, we are still making a respectable 6.5.

All is well and good. The stars write their stories in the heavens.. The waves rush by forever in haste to dash themselves on some distant shore and the wind and clouds whisper their secrets to one another. We, blessed observers all, look on in wonderment.

Follow my tracks in real-time: