Third Time Lucky
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Third Time Lucky

Third Time Lucky

Third time lucky:

There are pre-run preventers on Seaburban’s boom. They can be rigged at any point of sail from the base of the mast but they are an all or nothing proposition. They stop the boom from gybing uncontrollably across the deck with a bang.

Wanting something I could control from the cockpit that would allow me greater control over the boom at all times, I installed a boom brake. In theory, not only would the brake prevent an accidental crash gybe, it would allow me to gently maneuver and control the boom using a psi glee line from the cockpit. All good stuff. Only it didn’t work at all. Not even close.

A frantic call to the manufacturer in France resolved nothing. The installation was OK and the size of the thing was correctly matched to Seaburban’s mainsail. The only variable was the type of line.

It took three times, using three different types of line but it’s finally working. I know because last night I heard a creak and growl that was new to me. Alarmed, I rushed topsides to see the boom nicely held back and under complete control.

Merci Monsieur Walder.

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