Three’s A Crowd
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Three’s A Crowd

Three’s A Crowd

Three’s A Crowd

Around 1130pm the wind and waves seemed to be picking up. Seaburban was sailing fast but It felt as if the Monitor was labouring. I looked at Salty, my trusty mascot, who pretended to be asleep so I figured it was my watch.

Up on deck all was well. But in the distance all around you could just make out the ragged bottoms of the nimbus clouds that had followed us all day. They pack rain and wind so a couple more roles in type poled out twin headsails was in order. After all it was why I had set the headsails on poles in the first place. Reefing down would be quick and easy.

You could used to the sounds the boat makes both on deck and below. Strange sounds are not necessarily cause for alarm but they do bear investigation. While working away at the winches, there was a croak or two that was new coming from the mast.

Looking up I see a large bird setting up housekeeping at the masthead. How it’s managing to hang on to its perch is a mystery. The thing is half-flying, half-falling and I fear for the wind instruments.

Banging on the mast, stays, and shrouds only seems to encourage it. I turn off all the spreader and masthead lights but that makes no difference either. I decide to try the searchlight set on strobe.

It’s a contest of wills but I can see he is bothered. A few minutes more and he takes flight and I watch him disappear amongst the wave tops. No damage done save for his pride.

One last glance about before going below and there he is again. Full points for persistence says I as a grab the spotlight and turn on the strobe.

Two more attempts and he finally gives up. Turns out three’s a crowd around here.

Going below, Salty is still pretending to be asleep but the snack locker’s been raided. No bird to blame there.

Follow my tracks in real-time: