Whats for Dinner
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Whats for Dinner

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Whats for Dinner

Whats for Dinner

This is what was on the dinner menu this evening. Healing helpings of mixed Southwest and Northerly swell, with a dash of cloud and golden sun. Sadly the sun won’t be on the menu for the next few days but there will be seconds and thirds plus all the leftovers you can handle of the mixed swell.

We’re taking it on the chin as the cresting Northerly swell pounds away at Seaburban. It’s price to pay for going due East and going fast (fast being only relative of course as fast for us is just slightly better than a quick walk for most).

Cape Leeuwin’s longitude is less than 200 miles East of us and ironically it looks like I might need to slow down just when the getting is good. There are winds of 40 knots plus and seas to 7m developing ahead of me and at my present pace, I’ll be driving right into them. Me thinks the foul weather ahead needs to stay ahead. Slowing down just a tad will ensure that is the case.

I cannot get my head around sailing to Australia. It sounds far. It sounds as if it’s at the other end of world. It sounds exotic and the place names evoke wonder and mystery. Yet I am somehow closer to home.

At any other time I would want to linger here in the land and seas down under. But not this time. This time we make tracks, albeit at a quick walk.

Follow my tracks in real-time: