Whats to Come
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Whats to Come

Whats to Come

Whats to come

The clouds that chased what little sun we had away to do mirrored what has been on my mind for the last few days. It seems that there are gales and storms in our path that we simply cannot avoid.

Again, it is a Tropical Cyclone dropping down and transitioning to a frontal storm in our latitudes that is wreaking havoc with the weather. Between the transitioning cyclone, a couple of high pressure ridges and at least three different lows all vying for the same patch of ocean, there doesn’t seem to be room for Seaburban to squeak through.

First up is something that every sailor desperately wants no part of. April 7 and 8 we’ll be caught smack dab between a stationary high pressure ridge and a developing low. The ridge blocks the low, causing it to stall while still intensifying. The result is big wind and even bigger waves unfortunately oriented north south.

You can’t sail out of it and the high prevents it from moving away. Stalemate at best, checkmate at worst. The notorious Queen’s Birthday Storm off of New Zealand in 1996 developed just as described above. The picture shows what PredictWind thinks is going to happen.

I sure hope not.

Follow my tracks in real-time: