Where There is Work, Then Work Will Be Done.
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Where There is Work, Then Work Will Be Done.

Where There is Work, Then Work Will Be Done.

Where there is work, then work will be done. I say that to keep me immunized against that the plague and merciless destroyer of dreams procrastination.

Here the tool locker has disgorged all manner of things to help me deal with a pesky and annoying leak. I needed a relatively calm day to get at it and for the last few days, the grib files hinted that today would be it. I started at 0700 and finished by 1500. Topside, there as barely a breath of wind but a mixed 6′ NE and 4‘ SE swell made it interesting.

Even though the sweating and swearIng would have been the same, I could have managed something better at a dock or shipyard anywhere else. What’s done now will have to do for the duration of the cruise.

I know it’s crazy to keep the tools in the living room, but the lot of them are heavy and To help with sailing performance and comfort, I need to keep as much weight as possible down low and centred. 

Follow my tracks in real-time: